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Ideal Customer

Fragrance of Yah is interested in businesses and corporations who need music for their luncheons and other business/corporate gatherings. They are also interested in individuals who may be interested in a musical performance during a family or social gathering that is geared towards elevation and empowerment. Fragrance of Yah’s performances are thought-provoking, heartwarming, cup-filling, musically therapeutic performances!

Fragrance of Yah Records

This is a business built on a family legacy of music engagement. The music produced and published by this label is only to uplift & empower!

How It All Started:

Fragrance’s father sold his life insurance to publish his books, one novel & three books of poems. He did this because he did not believe that they would follow through on publishing/producing anything from the legacy he laid down with songwriting, poetry, activism, visual art & playwriting.

Since she began writing at the age of 11 (poems, novels, plays & songs), Fragrance knew that she would be the one to follow in his stead. She also found that she is a conduit for balance & being in sync with the universe, so, she learned how this would all incorporate into a legacy for her family.

When her children began to show signs of artistic talents, Fragrance learned how her father felt & made it her duty to bring the foundation of artistic expression & community activism in her lineage to the forefront. She created a showcase for her family called Creating Legacies where her siblings & Fragrance would perform as well as her children. She continued to grow the legacy from there.

She is still building this legacy & prays to inspire.