Fynesse Banks Da’Jinnee, out of Brooklyn N.Y. is making her mark in Orlando, Florida by producing her original music and is ferociously making her way to the top of the music industry. She is establishing herself and making waves with hot productions and collaborations featuring artists such as T.Y. The Gift, Lady Shen, Zoe Mina and C-Moez. Ms. Banks is using social media and music platforms for people to hear her story and the artists' stories as they want to divulge. Listeners of Fynesse Banks music will be able to appreciate and admire the original authentic vibes of the different genres of music she magically creates. Ms. Banks talent doesn't stop; it continues by mixing and mastering music and is currently working on her first EP for this summer, she is also establishing a music production company in Orlando, Florida to work with artists to show their talents.